Car covers are important whether the car sits inside or outside. They are however most useful when the car sits outside since here it is exposed to a range of elements. A good cover will shield the car from pollutants such as bird feces, tree sap, dirt, sun rays and dust. While sitting inside, it will be kept free from dust. When you have invested in a good corvette car cover, you won’t have to worry about all of these elements. You must however ensure that you buy the best of covers to enjoy the service for long.

Tip 1

When buying the car covers, start by considering where the car will be sitting. This is because for an outdoor environment you might need to buy high quality and durable covers. This is considering that the harsh weather conditions can end up taking a toll on the cover. Choose heavy duty covers for outdoor use so you are assured that they can withstand the harsh conditions all through the seasons.

Tip 2

For indoor car covers, choose those that are made from cotton and polyester. They are perfect for dust protection and you can wash them once in a while without too much trouble because there are no stubborn stains to deal with. The covers are inexpensive and they are breathable to ensure that there is no condensation buildup under them.

Tip 3

If you are looking for covers which offer much more than just dust and dirt protection while indoors, you can choose those that come with heavy flannel. They are heavier compared to other cover types and they have the potential to protect your car against dings and dents. They make amazing choices for show cars too.

Tip 4

For superior outdoor protection, choose covers which are made using acrylic fibers. They are good choices especially in areas which experience intense sunlight. Even though these covers are a bit expensive compared to other types, they are long lasting and durable. They are also waterproof and fade resistant.

Tip 5

To get exactly what your car needs, consider going for custom made car covers. They will be made to your specifications so they fit your vehicle just right. You will only need to give details about the car make, model and the year to have the covers made just for it. The best thing about custom made covers is that you also have the liberty of choosing the materials to suit your indoor or outdoor needs.

Tip 6

When buying, look for double stitched covers. The double stitching adds durability and you can actually tell the quality based on the number of seams. The fewer the seams it will wear out faster. It will also be beneficial to choose covers treated to resist mildew and mold. They will remain in good condition however harsh the weather conditions are. You also don’t want to be too lenient on price in that you compromise on the quality of the covers.

Whatever car cover preferences you have, the market has various options you can choose from. You will find something that is just right for your vehicle and the needs that you have whether parking outdoors or indoors. Car covers are there to help protect and shield your car from the harsh elements of nature. The various weather conditions can prove to be extremely harmful to the life expectancy of your car. Having a cover will prevent these dangers from penetrating through to the car and damaging it. The same could be said about garages. However, car covers have a big advantage over garages; portable. A garage is a large structure that need lots of space. Most people do not even own the space for a garage, never mind the money to build one. And even if a person does have a garage, what use is it when they’re out and about. Imagine going shopping, and returning to the equivalent of a bird’s toilet. Your garage at home is pretty useless in such instances. Car covers can be taken with you wherever you go owing to the fact that they can be folded up compactly when not in use. They fold up so neatly and small, that they can sit in your glove compartment whilst you drive around the world, bringing your portable garage with you wherever you go.

‘A garage is a proper structure and can shield my car from all weather conditions. Is the same true for car covers?’ Definitely! Car covers come in a range of fabric to suit the user’s needs. People across the world live in different climates and therefore will need different types of protection for their cars. To save money, and increase expertise, covers will come specifically designed for different climates. For example you can purchase a car cover that is specifically for hot climates as it specialise in ultra violet resistance. For the car owner who lives in an all-weather environment, there are all-weather car covers. These are covers that have a bit of everything, at high levels of protection, so that they are never surprised. The covers will be 100% waterproof, ensuring that no rain, snow, sleet or anything else of that nature works their way in. The material of the cover is also breathable so that air and moisture can escape out through the material, giving the car a chance to breath. Protection against ultra violet rays ensures that not only does the car not overheat, thereby making the car unbearable to drive in, but also keeps the colouring of the car. The paintwork of the car becomes bleached from the sun’s powerful rays, making it look old and battered well before it needs to. The list of protection is endless. Even the dirt and dust are prevented from settling and spoiling your car, due to the protection of the car cover.

Whatever the case, a car will not last long without a car cover. This is due to the impact of nature’s harsh elements. Nature can not be trusted with the handling of cars; experience has proved it. There is untold damage caused by nature alone. The sun: A car that is left standing in the sun for a long period of time (one day), will overheat. This causes the internal specs of the car to get ruined, as well as the interior to become stuffy and to hot to drive in. Drivers could even end up with minor burns from the overheated steering wheel. The exterior of the car will fade due to the powerful ultra violet rays. UV bleaches the paintwork and melts the finish so that the car is colourless, and drab. The wind: Wind tends to drag along with it all sorts. This includes any sort of rubble that has been left in the streets such as sticks and stones. They are dragged along unwillingly, and as they whip past cars, they inevitable end up scratching and denting them. The rain: the rain leaves ugly watermarks all over the exterior of the car, and over time causes it to rust too. The high levels of acid in the rain means that the paintwork begins to disintegrate, leaving the car looking rather patchy and unsightly. The snow: When it snows, the car and all it’s parts freeze over. This includes the brakes. Frozen brakes do not work properly, and this could be extremely dangerous, and even fatal.

Birds’ droppings, tree sap, dust etc, are other natural ‘weapons’. They leave horrible stains that are almost impossible to fully remove. It would take many hours of extensive cleaning to get rid of properly, all the meanwhile leaving the car looking a spectacle. Having car cover means that the car is full protected against all of these. The cover will prevent any of these detriments from filtering through and wrecking the car beneath. An all weather car cover is equipped to deal with the fierce weather conditions. Waterproof covers means that no rain, sleet or snow, or indeed any sort of liquid, can work they way through to the car. The cover will also be made from breathable material, enabling air and moisture out through the material, but not in. This gives the car a chance to breathe and sweat whilst covered, without the fear of it getting rotten, and steamed up. An all weather car cover is also ultra violet resistant and therefore none of the sun’s rays will be able to penetrate. The cover will also act as a cushioning shield for the car against any sort of knocks and bangs. These will all be absorbed by the cover without making an impression on the car itself. Naturally, a car that is covered, will not be a victim of birds’ droppings, dust, tree sap, and more. None of these stains will be able to reach the car, leaving it completely clean and shiny.

All in all, a car will look better, and will perform better when it is covered by a car cover. The car will be able to retain it’s shine and lustre, and handsome look, as it will not be exposed to any type of threatening weather conditions. The internal workings of the car will remain intact, and as a whole, will be much healthier. There is so much to be gained from having a car cover, and so much to lose, by not. For this reason, car covers are a greatly underrated auto accessory. If you ask 100 car enthusiasts why they use car covers on their cars, you may get 100 different answers. High-quality outdoor car covers made of waterproof, breathable fabrics and boast UV protection features are best for protecting your car against the elements. These are top priorities for car covers designed for outdoor use. Breathable fabrics allow air to circulate, preventing moisture from settling on your car and ruining its paint. UV protection helps avoid paint fading by blocking a significant amount of ultraviolet rays. Most people do not have clean garages to park their car in. Drivers are always worried about rakes, bicycles, pets, or a hundred other objects just waiting to scar a vehicle’s finish. Protection from the elements and damage are certainly the most common reasons why people buy car covers, but there are more hazards to consider such as protection against theft. Car thieves will generally target a car that is easily accessible. They want to steal a car they get to quickly and not to be seen. With a car cover, thieves have to remove the cover to see what they are stealing – a too long and drawn out process. They will go for a car that is not covered.